Help for Hashimoto’s (Assistance in Hashimoto)

Hashimoto’s: Are panic and anxiety disorders often caused by synthetic thyroid medication?

In our daily practice, we often deal with patients, who suffer from anxiety disorders and Hashimoto`s Thyroiditis at the same time. It is a well-known fact that regular medication of L-Thyroxin or Euthyrox may cause anxiety attacks. We have already established contact to specialists, who produced quick relief by switching the medication from synthetic to natural thyroids.

Another approach to produce relief, is a thorough examination of liver and adrenal cortex functions. While the liver is mainly responsible for converting inactive T4 into active T3 hormones, the adrenal cortex produces cortisol, which is critical for your health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many doctors who have experience with a medication change and the interaction of liver, thyroid gland and adrenal cortex. As a result, we have compiled a list of recommended doctors, based on positive patients’ experiences.

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Aubel – Gadomski Annette
Rue Hostert 22, 4880 Aubel


PLZ 0xxxx

Leipzig – Dr. med. univ. Matthias Freutsmiedl
Praxis für Ganzheitsmedizin & Prävention, Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin, Notfallmedizin und Homöopathie – Erich- Zeigner- Allee 22, 04229 Leipzig

Leipzig – Dr. med. Tobias Wiesner
MVZ Stoffwechselmedizin Leipzig, Praxis für Endokrinologie – Prager Str. 34, 04317 Leipzig

PLZ 1xxxx

Berling – Dr. Simone Koch
Gynäkologin, Ernährungsmedizinerin – Manntzstr. 11, 12277 Berling

Berlin – Heinrich
Praxisklinik für Integrative Medizin – Fasanenstr. 48, 10719 Berlin

PLZ 2xxxx

Hamburg – Katia Trost
Naturheilpraxis für hormonelle Balance und Homöopathie – Karolinenstraße 1, 20357 Hamburg

Hamburg – Dr. med. Insa Wilke-Albrecht
Helene-Lange-Straße 2/ Ecke Grindelberg, 20144 Hamburg

PLZ 3xxxx

Hannover – Dr. med. Mario Krause
Privatarzt für Allgemeinmedizin, Homöopathie, Umweltmedizin – Luisenstraße 5, 30159 Hannover

PLZ 4xxxx

Wuppertal – Magdalena Nicotra
Heilpraktikerin – Lohsiepenstr. 37d, 42369 Wuppertal

Wuppertal – Naturheilzentrum Hollmann, Hansa S. Breidenbach
Wittener Str. 4, 42277 Wuppertal

Münster – Michaela Buxtrup
Heilpraktikerin / Achtsamkeits-Trainerin, Beratung- Behandlung- Kurse & Seminare – Von-Vincke-Str. 6, 48143 Münster

PLZ 5xxxx

PLZ 6xxxx

Frankfurt – Smahan Rahimi
Heilpraktikerin- Ernährungsberaterin, Schwerpunkt Schilddrüse und Hashimoto-Diagnostik – Eschersheimer Landstrasse 9, 60322 Frankfurt

PLZ 7xxxx

Freiburg – Dr. Brigitte Karner
Salzstr. 20 / Eingang Grünwälderstr. 17, 79098 Freiburg

PLZ 8xxxx

München – Dr. Elke Seebach
Endokrinologin, privatärztl. Abrechnung – Dachauer Str. 9, 80335 München

Augsburg – Dr. med. Wolfgang Braun
Facharzt für Nuklearmedizin – Schwerpunktpraxis für Schilddrüsenkrankheiten – Schaezlerstraße 4, 86150 Augsburg

PLZ 9xxxx

Erlangen – Frau Dr. Hoffmann Leygue
Büchenbacher Anlage 17, 91056 Erlangen


FORLI’ FC – Dr. Raul Verginia
Via Campo degli Svizzeri 43, 47121 FORLI’ FC


Zollikerberg – Dr. med. Hermann Engel
Schilddrüsenpraxis, Facharzt FMH für  Nuklearmedizin u. Radiologie, Spital Zollikerberg, Kompetenzzentrum – Trichtenhauserstrasse 20, 8125 Zollikerberg

Zürich – Dr. Kerstin Schmit
Freiestrasse 211, 8032 Zürich


Wien – Dr. Veronika Königswieser
Zehetnergasse 4/7, 1140 Wien

If you have already made positive experience with a medication change and know a good doctor, please send us your recommendation via e-mail at

Help us to extend our recommendation list and bring ease and happiness back to the lives of people, suffering from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

We appreciate recommendations from all over the world, especially from English and French-speaking areas.

Kind regards
Daniela und Klaus Bernhardt

Institut für moderne Psychotherapie, Kranzallee 6, 14055 Berlin
(Spezialisiert auf die Behandlung von Angsterkrankungen)


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